BOINCazon - Basic Overview:

BOINCazon is a service which utilizes Amazon's web services, along with specialized utilities to allow you to purchase and manage computing time for your favorite BOINC projects. The system is designed to offload as much of the work of supporting BOINC client machines as possible from the project servers. This is done by using BOINCBounce servers.

BOINCazon gives you a way to simply specify how long you would like to sponsor a machine. Automated tools monitor that machine and assure it keeps running smoothly. You may observe and even control that work running on that machine if you like. But it is not required. Amazon has many keys and request strings to be submitted, but all of this is handled for you. Assuring the machine continues running productively, and that it stops when you schedule it to stop.

Payments are all handled directly through Amazon's payment services on a monthly basis. They host all of the machines. You may sponsor as many as you like, for up to a year at a time.

Another role that BOINCazon may play is to similuate a large number of client machines. You can essentially rent a small farm of machines, on demand, for a short period of time, and use them to stress test your BOINC project servers.